SIBE meeting in Rome

The Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology (SIBE: Società Italia di Biologia Evoluzionistica) held their annual meeting in Rome from August 28th-31st. Prof McInerney spoke at the meeting on the first day,on the topic of "The importance of mergers and acquisitions in evolution".

The meeting is a very diverse meeting in terms of content.  The registrants are mostly made up of early-career researchers and it is a meeting with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  It is a credit to the organisers and a lovely meeting to attend.

Some people took photos during Prof McInerney's talk and are included in this post.

Photo Credits:
- Fabrizzio Ghiselli @f_ghiselli
- Karen Siu-Ting @telmatobita
- Elisabetta Versace @so_evolutionary 

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