Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Annual Meeting 2012

The society for Molecular Biology and Evolution held their annual meeting in Dublin from June 23-26 in the Convention Centre Dublin.

The meeting was attended by 1,300 delegates, 44 from Irish institutions and the rest were from international institutions.  The value to the Irish economy is estimated at approximately €3,000,000.

Some of the outcomes of the meeting:

Walter M. Fitch Award:

The Walter M. Fitch prize is the most prestigious student award given annually by SMBE.

WINNER: Elizabeth Perry, University Of Oregon, USA

FITCH FINALISTS: Alison Wright, Benjamin Peter, Claudia Bank, Johnathon Fankhauser, Kelley Harris, Matthew Horton, Wenfeng Qian,

Postdoctural Poster Award:

JOINT WINNERS: Henrik DeFine Licht, Lund University, Sweden & Way Sung, Indiana University, USA

Runner Up: Rob Ness

Graduate Poster Award:

WINNER: Yves Clement, Max Planck Institute For Molecular Genetic, Germany

Runner Up: Casey McGrath, Eimear Kenny, Roberto Feuda, Susanna Sawyer

Undergraduate Poster Award:

WINNER:  Katharine Owers, Uppsala University, Sweden

1st Runner Up:  Norian Caporale-Berkowitz

2nd Runner Up: Chelsea Du Fresne


A list of all overseas invited speakers

Sym. No. Invited Speakers
S2 Ludovic Orlando
S3 Derek Smith
S4 Walter Salzburger
S4 Günter Theissen
S5 Giorgio Bernardi
S5 Brian Charlesworth
S5 Adam Eyre-Walker
S5 Laurence Hurst
S5 Eugene Koonin
S5 Michael Lynch
S6 Nick Goldman ELIZA LOZA
S6 Jeffrey Townsend
S6 Khidir Hilu
S7 Xun Gu
S8 William Murphy
S9 Celine Scornovacca
S9 Jessica Leigh
S10 Laurent Excoffier
S10 Mattias Jakobsson
S10 Michael Lynch
S10 Peter Keightley
S11 Andrew Clark
S11 Gabriel Marais
S12 Ruth Hershberg
S12 Howard Ochman
S12 Julian Parkhill
S12 Jukka Corander
S12 Sebastien Gagneaux
S13 Ian Holmes
S13 Daniel Wegmann
S15 Brandon Gaut
S15 Santiago Elena
S16.1 Rasmus Nielsen
S16.2 Daniel Zivkovic
S16.2 Yun Song
S17 Andreas Wagner
S18 Jianzhi Zhang
S19 Marcelo Rubenstien
S19 Julian Parkhill
S20 Pavel Pevzner
S21 Eric Bapteste
S22 Csaba Pal
S22 Gipsi Lima Mensez
S23 Rori Rohlfs
S23 Patricia Wittkopp
S23 Richard Meisel
S23 Greg Wray
S23 Hunter Fraser
S23 Athma Pai
S23 Henrik Kaessmann
S23 Mathilde Paris
S23 Bernhard Schaefke
S23 Toby Hunt
S23 Xiling Liu
S24 Alejandro Rooney
S24 Matthew Hahn
S25 Eyal Privman
S25 Benjamin Redelings
S25 Gregory Jordan
S26 Peter McKeown
S26 Misook Ha
S26 Z. Jeffrey Chen

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