Rebecca joined the McInerney lab in December 2019 to work on gene co-occurrences in prokaryote pangenomes. She completed her PhD at the University of York where she worked on building metabolic models to understand the adaptations that arise in insect-microbe symbioses. She likes combining modelling and bioinformatics with wet lab microbiology and molecular biology, and is particularly interested in the genetic changes that occur at the initiation of symbioses.

Rebecca's current research is looking into whether co-occurring genes can be used to predict niche adaptation and genome evolution, and is interested in overlaying this with her expertise in metabolic modelling.

Outside of the lab, Rebecca is interested in science communication, outreach and public engagement, and enjoys any opportunity to talk about science.

Follow Rebecca

Twitter: @RebeccaJHall13

Instagram: @biology.bex

ORCID: 0000-0001-6701-5408