ModelGenerator: amino acid and nucleotide substitution model selection

ModelGenerator is a a free, easy-to-use model selection program, designed and written by Thomas Keane, that selects optimal amino acid and nucleotide substitution models from Fasta or Phylip alignments. ModelGenerator supports 56 nucleotide and 96 amino acid substitution models.

Modelgenerator uses the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC), the Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) and hierarchical Likelihood-ratio tests (hLRTs) to select the best-fitting model of substitution.

ModelGenerator has been written using the Java programming language, and will easily run on any operating system supporting the Java VM.

ModelGenerator accepts both Fasta and Phylip format alignments. ModelGenerator uses the PAL library to perform its calculations

If you wish to receive the source code or have problems running ModelGenerator – email me:

Click on this link to download the file:


Startup command

java -jar modelgenerator.jar alignment_file num_gamma_categories
Modelgenerator is now part of the popular wEMBOSS package.

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Thomas M Keane, Christopher J Creevey , Melissa M Pentony, Thomas J Naughton and James O McInerney (2006) Assessment of methods for amino acid matrix selection and their use on empirical data shows that ad hoc assumptions for choice of matrix are not justified. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 6:29


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