Nadine Ziemert Visit And Talk On Secondary Metabolite Gene Evolution

Professor Nadine Ziemert of the University of Tuebingen spoke at the university of Manchester today, 8th February, 2016. The title of her talk was “Diversity and Evolution of Secondary Metabolites in Bacteria”. There was a super turn-out and a lively discussion afterwards. Much of the work is covered by Nadine’s 2014 PNAS paper, though with […]

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Endosymbiotic Origins and Differential Losses of Genes in Eukaryotes

Nature have just published a full article concerning an analysis of horizontal (or lateral) gene transfer and how it is different between prokaryotes and eukaryotes [1].  Also, we examined whether eukaryotes experience significant continuous gene gains from prokaryotes over long periods of time, or whether we see evidence for discrete bursts of gene acquisitions. Hint: […]

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