What does organising an SMBE annual meeting involve?

Although I am the current secretary of the society, I am very much writing this as a personal perspective. I think I saw a lot as one of the co-organisers of SMBE 2012 in Dublin and maybe this will help somebody make up their mind about what is involved. First of all, this whole process […]

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Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Annual Meeting 2012

The society for Molecular Biology and Evolution held their annual meeting in Dublin from June 23-26 in the Convention Centre Dublin. The meeting was attended by 1,300 delegates, 44 from Irish institutions and the rest were from international institutions.  The value to the Irish economy is estimated at approximately €3,000,000. Some of the outcomes of […]

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SMBE2012 in Dublin

The annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution will be held in Dublin next June from the 23rd to the 26th. In the coming week we will make the decisions on which symposia will be included in the final programme. This will be a great thing on one hand, because we get […]

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