Manchester Evolution Symposium

This is the webpage of the Manchester Evolution Symposium, funded by the Templeton Foundation and the research Domain of Evolution, Systems and Genomics.

Organiser: Professor James O. McInerney
Key Administrator: Marian Halfpenny
Strategic Funding Team Support: Dr. Daniel Jameson

Thursday 14th December, Kanaris Theatre

10:30 Arrival, Registration & Coffee

11:00-11:30 Mark Wilkinson ‘Post Phylogenetic Systematics’
11:30-12:00 Davide Pisani ‘Progresses towards a complete timescale of life on Earth’
12:00-12:30 Tom Williams ‘Using phylogenetics to probe the “lipid divide’
12:30-12:45 Ignacio Riquelme-Medina ‘Uncovering the process of plasmid evolution using network analysis’.
12:45-1:00 Karen Siu Ting ‘How ortholog selection impacts our understanding of Amphibian evolution’

1:00 Lunch & Discussions

2:00-2:30 Jordi Paps ‘What makes an animal? Reconstruction of the first animal genome shows a burst of genomic novelty’
2:30-3:00 David Fitzpatrick ‘Oomycete Genomics’
3:00-3:15 Mary O’Connell ‘Molecular Adaptation in the Mammal innate immune system’
3:15-3:30 Matthew Moore ‘Metabolic Capabilities of Early Eukaryotes’

3:30 Coffee & Discussions

4:00-4:30 Peter Holland ‘Evolution of an 8-cell mammal’
4:30-5:00 Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo ‘Early photosynthetic eukaryotes inhabited freshwater habitats’
5:00-5:30 Mark Van der Giezen ‘Anaerobic mitochondria and their relevance to the origin of eukaryotes’
5:30-5:45 Fiona Whelan ‘The taxonomic diversity of the cystic fibrosis lung microbiota’
5:45-6:00 Martin Rusilowicz ‘GROOT: a software package for generating gene fusion graphs from molecular sequences’

6:00 Drinks and Canapés in Fossil Gallery

7:00 Dinner in the Living Worlds Gallery

9:30 ENDS

Friday 15th December, Kanaris Theatre

9:00 Arrival and Coffee

9:30-10:00 Simon Lovell ‘Beer, sex and protein interactions: speciation and hybridisation in yeast’
10:00-10:30 Roberta Fisher ‘The evolution of host-symbiont dependence’
10:30-11:00 Russell Garwood ‘Modelling evolution in deep time’
11:00-11:15 Ann McCartney ‘An Evolutionary Analysis of RNA-Mediated Fusion Genes Across Primates’
11:15-11:30 David Newman ‘Reconstructing the genome of the last eukaryotic common ancestor’

11:30 Coffee & Discussions

12:00-12:30 Rok Krašovec ‘Spontaneous mutation rate is a plastic trait associated with population density in Bacteria, Archaea and yeast’
12:30-1:00 Chris Creevey ‘The Likelihood Decay Index: Branch support for the phylogenomics era.’

1:00 Lunch & Discussions

2:00-2:30 Nick Lane ‘Serial endosymbiosis or singular event at the origin of eukaryotes?’
2:30-3:00 Chris Knight ‘Why do lonelier microbes mutate more?’
3:00-3:30 Danna Gifford ‘Evolution over fitness landscapes of antibiotic resistance’
3:30-4:00 James McInerney “The Merger at the Origin of Eukaryotes”.





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